Some patients suffering from functional disorders will benefit from treatment with medicine. In a number of cases, it is beneficial to combine medicinal treatment with another treatment form.

Studies indicate that some of the causes of functional disorders are to be found in the brain, and it is proven that medicine affecting the brain may help some patients suffering from functional disorders. This applies to two kinds of medicine:

1. Antidepressants

It is proven that some patients with functional disorders can be helped by antidepressant medicine in spite of not suffering from depression. This is most likely due to the fact that some of the mechanisms involved in a depression also are at play in a functional disorder.

2. Antiepileptics

Some patients will benefit from this kind of medicine, which is also used for patients suffering from epileptics. It is especially in regards to pain treatment that antiepileptics have proven effective.

Side effects

Patients with functional disorders are often more sensitive to side effects. Therefore, you should start with a lower dose than usual and then increase the treatment more gradually than normal.

Medicinal treatment will always have to be carried out in concordance with an individual assessment and guidance of the patient.

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Revised 04.01.2018